January 26, 2014

Back to blogging!

To all my readers and followers, I would first like to apologize for not posting anything in over a month. I honestly used to think that not enough people were reading my words but ever since I stopped writing, I have gotten so many emails, comments and complaints that fans are logging on and are disappointed not to find anything. I guess I was wrong about my the amount of readership I actually have! Oops!

The biggest surprise was when I found out I was pregnant in October. I thought I could be one of those women who could be fit and healthy in their pregnancies, look great and 'glow' for 9 months. Unfortunately, a week after my test came out positive I found out that I had a complication which required a whole month of bed rest. Added to that, I started having morning sickness ALL DAY and needed two overnight stays at the hospital due to severe dehydration. I lost 6 kgs in two months and I was absolutely MISERABLE!  

When you feel like crap and can't get out of bed, it's difficult to get excited about anything!!!

One of my overnight hospital stays hooked up to an IV drip for TEN hours!

Added to that, my 7 year old niece was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Unfortunately, ALSO in October! My sister had to relocate her whole family to London in a span of two days so her daughter could start her treatment. Luckily, things are progressing well now. When you have been served with such a hard blow of reality, topics like fashion and beauty seem so mundane and ridiculous to be focused on. 

I am currently 6 months pregnant, getting bigger by the second and have finally gotten my 'glow'. Now that I feel so much better, I feel like something is missing from my daily life. I used to spend so much time blogging and going to events that now I feel a void.  I actually love to blog and reading your comments and feedback used to encourage me to keep going. I learned that Fashion and beauty are great topics to write about - as long as they remain hobbies and not be the ONLY thing that matters. A Chanel bag can be a great accessory, a joy to own even, but when you have your head in a toilet seat all day- the LAST thing you think about is that bag. Trust me :)

I am going to try my best to start writing more and get back into the swing of things from now on.

Thanks for all your support and loyalty to my blog - it makes it all worth while :)


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  1. Hi Tala! We were wondering what happened to you - glad to hear that things seem to be working out for you now. :) Looking forward to more posts form you xx


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