June 6, 2013

An Indoor themed Beach Party!

Last week, I threw a trunk show at my place for the funky brands MOCHI and West La Boutique from Dubai, and Pearlesque and Kattan Opticians from Abu Dhabi. The theme was 'Summer' and we sold clothes like maxi dresses, skirts, sunglasses and vintage costume jewellery that would be perfect for a summer vacation. 

Problem was that the trunk show was indoors, so I had to go about making my apartment look beachy. I was so proud of the results that I felt I had to share them with you! You can do it all by yourself and no need to get a professional planner! My amazing mom and I did all this on our own. 

This theme would work well for a pool party, a kids birthday party or an outdoor barbecue :)


What you will need: 
  • Fishing net (There are many different colours of net at fishing shops- I bought 50 metres of turqouise net and 10 metres of white net)
  • Sand buckets
  • Real sand (You can buy 10 kg bags of clean sand at the Early Learning Center)
  • Real shells
  • White stones from a gardening shop
  • Bottles of Tanning Oil and Sunscreen
  • Cheap sunglasses (I found affordable ones at Claire's Accessories)
  • Inflatable small fish (Party Center)
  • Beach Ball and Inflatable Ring 
What to do:
  • Drape the fishing net over the table which you will serve food and another table for drinks. If you want to make the theme over a large area, drape fishing net over many tables
  • Place boxes or mirrors at the center of the table and put the buckets on top 
  • Drape the white fishing net over the buckets
  • Place stones and shells randomly all over the table 
  • Put the inflatable ball and ring around the room 

For the buckets, fill each one with sand till it almost reaches the top. Then place a layer of shells and stick into the sand around 3 bottles of tanning oil, 3 pairs of sunglasses and an inflatable fish or any kind of beachy inflatable item you can find. 


The Key to this theme is to serve refreshing food and drinks that you would drink on a hot summer's day.

What you will need:
  • Jam Jars to be used as cups
  • Juice jars 
  • Twine from a flower shop
  • White stones and shells
  • Themed stickers (I bought Nautical themed stickers and cards  from Moushii.com (Link)
What to do:
  • Stick nautical stickers on the jam jars and tie twine around the jars
  • Put a fun straw in each jar (Click here for a great selection) 
  • Have a self serve station with drinks like Carrot Juice, Mint Lemonade and chilled water with mint and lemon slices

  • Serve refreshing food like watermelon bites, fruits, wraps and mini sandwiches

 Be creative with desserts and serve one-bite brownies and cookie shooters (a cookie on top of a small shot glass of milk)

To make the theme complete, I highly recommend you buy stickers and little note cards with the same theme as your party. Place a card next to each dish with details of what is being served so that your guests can serve themselves. There are many party supply websites you can use. I loved Moushii.com (Link)  because it is based in the U.A.E, shipping is really quick and easy, and they have a large selection of themes. 

How do you like my 'Summer' Themed Party? 

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  1. wow, you put so much effort into it and it looks great! :)


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